Natural Makeup Ideas for Everyday

natural makeup

Natural makeup looks can be the best way to showcase your beauty without overwhelming your face with a lot of makeup. Whether you prefer the au natural look or if your skin is too sensitive for a lot of foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. these tips are perfect for you.

Tip 1: BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer, natural makeup -

Using regular primer and foundation is the main way to make your face look like it has makeup on it, which is not what you’re trying to achieve with natural makeup ideas for everyday. Instead opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer as they are much thinner and easier to apply, you can even apply them with your hands! They are essentially face creams with a tint that adapts to your skin tone so that minor imperfections are hidden. If you have pimples or larger imperfections you can use a concealer to cover them up individually.

Tip 2: Avoid Eyeliner

Avoid Eyeliner, natural makeup -

Instead of opting for your favorite liquid or gel liner, natural looks are the best with just a little bit of mascara. The right mascara formula will accentuate the lashes that you already have and give your eyes the definition that you would normally get with the help of eyeliner. In fact, many people find that just using mascara can be preferable to trying to get the perfect line with a liquid or gel liner – it’s also much faster.

Tip 3: Matte Eye Shadows


We all know that we aren’t born with sparkly eye lids which is why choosing matte eye shadows is your best bet for a natural look. You can find a variety of nude matte shadows that are easy to apply and blend just so that you can keep your eyes from looking tired and drained throughout the day. Opt for colors that are close to your skin tone so that they’re barely noticeable but still help to add to your appearance. By taking a darker color and tracing your bottom waterline you can substitute your eyeliner for

an eye shadow instead.

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Tip 4: Lip Stains


Lipstick, lip liner, and lip crayons are one of the first indicators that a woman has taken the time to do her makeup so it’s advised that you try to find lip stains. These formulas soak into your lips and give them a small pop of color (depending on the color that you choose) that has long wearability and they’re incredibly simple to apply. The best part is that you can easily put chapstick on top of the stain to keep your lips moisturized.

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