3 Fashion Rules to Follow When You Have Hot Date

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Every girl wants to look astonishing when she has a hot date with someone special. Everything should be perfect – make-up and hairstyle appropriate for the meeting and the most important thing – clothes.

In this article we will give you some simple rules to follow when you choose you outfit for your hot date because life is too short to wear boring clothes. You have to look amazing if you want to hear this eternal words – ‘Darling, you look wonderful tonight’.

Fashion rules:

1. Keep it simple – every famous fashion designer will tell you that style is hard to define but easy to spot. If you want to make a good first impression and have a hot date, keep it simple. Pick clothes that you usually wear – do not buy some extravagant clothes that you normally do not wear. You can match pair of jeans with beautiful blouse and scarf. Other combination is a skirt with fashionable jackets or just girlish dress, which underline your curves.

2. Put some accessories – if you pick a simple but stylish outfit, do not hesitate and put some accessories – nice watch, colourful scarf or hat. Nowadays, hats are really modern and helpful when you have a hot date. If you decide to wear them all night, you have already resolved your problem with choosing the right hairstyle. Just make some ponytail and put the hat on your head!

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hot date, fashion rules, skirt, clothes, short dress, high shoes, pinmakeuptipss.com
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3. Wear comfortable shoes during your hot date – if you normally wear flat shoes, do not wear uncomfortable heels on your first date. You have to look confident and smiley! When you have some painful wounds on your leg it is really hard to look happy. On other hand, if you wear short dress, pick some models of shoes with comfortable heels.

Girls, do not forget that clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them (Marc Jacobs). Put in your bag a pinch of intelligence, positivism and good manners – now you can go bravely to your first date!

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