4 Cute Hairstyles for School

While there are many different beautiful hairstyles for school, there are 4 hairstyles that are incredibly popular this year and are turning more than a few heads. Each of these 4 cute hairstyles for school are classics and even celebrities are wearing their hair this way on the red carpet. So get ready for these beautiful hairstyles for school that you will adore whether you hair is short or long.

Messy Fishtail Braid


This hairstyle is not only simple, but elegant. You can choose to wear it straight back or off to the side and even add your own flair to this beautiful hairstyle for school. Simply fishtail braid your hair and allow the wisps to fly, the more tousled and messy the better with this romantic hairstyle. If you don’t know how to create a fishtail braid, a regular braid will do just make it messy.

Half Up


You couldn’t ask more an easier hairstyle than simply pulling the top half of your hair up. While you could simply put it into a ponytail or clip, you can always take it one step further by adding a little flair of your own. Maybe braid a few strands and tie them back or twists to add a little unique attitude to this hair style. If you have bangs you can either let them fall or twist them back and pin them with a bobby pin to open up your face.

Tousled Waves


You can create this hairstyle one of two ways. The first is to braid your hair into a French braid the night before and simply shake the braids loose in the morning to get the waves to scatter, then complete the look with a spritz of hair spray and tousle them. Or you can put your hair in 4 ballet buns before bed and simply take them out in the morning, flip your hair forward and add a bit of spray, then shake them back.

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Braided Up Dos


There are many braided up dos that are amazing for school, and you can do many of them whether your hair is long or short. You can choose to braid 2 to 4 one-inch braids and then pull your hair into a bun. Or you can get a little sassier by reverse French braiding your hair to create a Mohawk affect. Both styles are beautiful hairstyles for school and will certainly attract attention.

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