5 Ways to Feel and Look Beautiful Every Day

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Beauty is one of the most powerful weapons. What is more seductive than inteligent and good looking woman?! If you want to increase your inteligent, read more books. If you want to feel and look beautiful every day, do this 5 little steps. They will help you to build your personality.

Таке Care of Your Face

Wake up, ladies! No matter it is morning, afternoon or evening your face should look fresh and charming. You have to realise that your personality is like a business card. Every woman has beautiful facial features and has to accentuate on them. We will reveal some makeup tricks to do every day:

1. Clean your face every evening – apply your cleanser of choice and wash your face gently. The area around eyes is very sensitive.

2. Use apropriate foundation – you have to know what is your skin color (light, medium, dark) before go to the cosmetic store and buy foundation or powder. Don`t put on your face inapropriate foundation, it will look like a mask.

Beautiful, www.pinmakeuptip.com

3. Suatable makeup – if you go to work, put on your face more natural makeup: light eye makeup and lipstick. If you go to a party, еxperiment with your look: dark eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. Don`t forget this one rule – you have to feel comfortable with your makeup and cloths.


Exercises don`t have to be paintful and time consuming. You can start your day with 15-minute workout and feel fantastic during the day. The regular physical exercises can help you loose weight, boost your mode and protect you from disease. We will give you one advice: ‘Train like a beast, look like a beauty!’

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Beautiful, www.pinmakeuptip.com

Healthy Eating

Some trainers say: ‘It takes 21 days. 21 days of healthy eating and working out and it will become a habit.’ This is very important habit because food and workout affect your beauty. If you want to have clean face, eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat less sugar, you are sweet enough already.

Do a schedule

If you want to be successful, make a daily schedule. You can plan to buy cosmetic products, cloths, shoes, food, etc. Some psychologists say that when you write your duties, you become more responsible. You see what you have to do at first place, at second and start accomplishing it.

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Smile – the best makeup any girl can wear

Charles Reade claims: ‘Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.“ I say – Don`t worry to use this sword. Every woman deserves to be loved and

respected. But first, ladies, you should love and respect yourself. All human beings have a deep desire to be in a good relationships – relationships full of happiness, love and laught. And if sometimes you feel that things going wrong, don`t forget this – the smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Come on, let`s your family and friends see your beautiful smile!

I read somewhere that my life is my message to the world. Now you read this and I want to make sure you will have inspiring life – life with emotions and no regrets. Life full of openness, simplicity, courage, gratitude, love, humor, fun and more important BEAUTY in every corner!

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