Back to Nature – Get Eco Friendly With Your Beauty Routine


Is your beauty routine eco friendly? Most people do not really do the checking that they should when they are buying beauty products. As a matter of fact most people have no idea what they are slathering on every morning and night. There are plenty of natural substitutes you can be using in your beauty routine like: Oatmeal=great exfoliator , Sea salt and sugar also does the same, Honey= great moisturizing mask also has antibacterial properties so it is great for acne, Lemon=great toner that evens out skin, it tightens the skin right up, Epson salt=softens skin in the bath as well as eases muscle pains .


There are so many “natural” things that you can use instead of buying more products like using mineral oil as soon as you are out of the shower right before you dry off to really soften the skin. If you insist on buying over the counter products for your beauty routine than do opt for all natural options:

Before You Buy Over the Counter


There are a few things that you should be considering to ensure that you are using products from ethical manufacturers to do your part for the eco revolution. Consider that most things that are bad for the environment are also bad for you on a personal level. Taking a few simple steps before you buy items that you use for your beauty routine can help you to do your part for the environment.

Read the insert material


A lot of beauty products just list a few of the main ingredients on the packaging to really get to the meat and the potatoes of it all you have to read the package insert. All of the “real” cautions and ingredients will be listed there. Research the chemicals that are listed to see if they are harmful to the environment, if they are then don’t use the product.

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Оld makeup and beauty products


Have you considered what happens to old makeup and beauty products when you toss them? The packaging of many beauty products are not biodegradable which means that they can be stuck in the landfills for hundreds maybe thousands of years before they break down. What can you do? Buy products that have biodegradable packaging at the very least. These types of packages will break down over time. You also want to be sure that you use up as much of the makeup/product as there is to use. If you get to the bottom of a tube or container you can use a scissor to cut the bottom of the tube to get the rest of the product out so nothing is wasted and more importantly so none of the product winds up in the landfill.

Who you are doing business with


Know who you are doing business with. Do a little research on the company that is making your favorite products. Are they doing the right thing by the environment? Are they testing their products on animals? Are they moving toward greener practices? It is important that you know so that you can reward eco friendly companies with your business and punish those companies that need to make changes by not purchasing products from them.


Use natural alternatives when you can but when you can’t be sure you know what you are using and who it is coming from. From this time onward you have to be careful with your beauty products and beauty routine!

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