Beauty Trends Every Woman Should Try in Her Life


Most women fall into one of two categories when it comes to beauty and make up: they love to experiment and are constantly trying new, sometimes extreme looks; or they find a look they like and stick with it for years or even decades. While there’s nothing wrong with following your instincts, there are a few beauty trends we think all women should try at least once in their lives. Here are six of them:

Coloured Eyeliner


Whether you go for a bold, statement swathe of color across your lids or choose a complementary colour to your eyes (purples and greens for green eyes, peaches and dark blues for blue eyes, and browns and light blues for brown eyes) coloured eyeliner is an excellent way to spice up any make up look.

Berry Lips


Don’t stick with nudes, pinks and reds – berry is very in this season, and it flatters almost all complexions. We especially like the look in a lip stain, as it makes you look as if you’ve literally just bitten into a delicious summer berry.

No Makeup


For some women, not wearing makeup is a religion; for others it’s completely taboo. But everyone should go out at least once without “their face” on. It’s a way to feel more comfortable in your own skin and let your skin breathe without heavy layers of makeup caked on.



Spotted all over the runways this season, braids are majorly chic, and can be sported in almost any style imaginable – try a long single fishtail braid if you have long hair, or weave thin braids around the crown of your head for a ‘halo’ look.

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The humble ponytail is not just for schoolgirls anymore. This hairstyle looks chic and sporty in a sleek, high style or romantic and classic in a messy, low style – experiment

with the look you like best, and keep your head cool in the summer heat.

Flowers in Your Hair


You might think this look is only appropriate for weddings or rock festivals, but weaving a few flowers into your hair is a classic, feminine style that instantly adds a romantic appeal to your look. Go for a full hippie-style crown of blooms or just tuck one special flower behind your ear – you’ll instantly feel more girly.

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