Best Makeup Tips for a Beautiful Natural Look

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Have you ever happened to see a beautiful woman so charming in her natural look? Of course you have! Probably, in such cases you envy her for being blessed with natural beauty that doesn’t even need any makeup. But here is the truth – this woman, as well as many others, do wear makeup. You just can’t see it! And probably this is due to the fact you aren’t aware of how to apply natural makeup style on your own face. End this up. Check out our best makeup tips for a beautiful natural look right away. Do these actions step by step and get the desired fascinating and radiant face in less than an half an hour!

1. Pure and cleaned skin is essential. Applying makeup on your face right after waking up is wrong. Same goes for putting a big amount of foundation on dirty skin after hours spent in the busy streets! Cleansing your face thoroughly is rule number one for natural look. Use the benefit of hot water and combine it with your favorite washing gel or foam to expand the pores. Then, apply toner to shrink them back. Wait few minutes for the skin to relax. Then, continue with the makeup.


2. Quick skin preparation. According to the type of your skin, prepare it for the makeup process. A good moisturizer is beneficial for oily and mixed skins. A hydrating cream would be better for the dry skin type. If you can afford it, use makeup base. With this cosmetic wonder you can adjust your skin to the next makeup steps in a perfect way!


3. Hide the faults. Use proper and organic concealer to cover the blemishes. We recommend you an organic product, because if it’s too toxic blemishes will be only covered temporarily, and they might even multiply. Concealer is also beneficial for covering the signs of tiredness. Use it boldly to hide the dark circles under your eyes, too!

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4. Foundation application. It sounds easy, but it isn’t at all! First of all, the process of choosing the most suitable nuance takes time and lots of failures. Remember that there’s a big chance for your favorite expensive foundation brand not to have a suitable nuance for you. What matters is to get that shade, which is as similar to your own natural facial tone as possible. Keep in mind that you need 2 foundations – one for the winter season, when the skin is paler, and one for the summer, when you get the sun-kissed glowing complexion. Last, but not least, apply the foundation up-to-bottom. Do not rub in. Use a special tool for the application, if you need to – a brush or a sponge.


5. Additional coverage – if required. Oily or wrinkled skins might need an extra layer – besides the foundation. Don’t mix two types of foundations. You’ll look like those duck-faced dolls we all mock at in Facebook. It’s better to mix a liquid product with powder. Apply gently. The upper coverage must be less than the bottom foundation layer.


6. Radiant blow! Natural makeup style does not include those shining and shimmering pearls you apply before going on a party. Light blush is completely enough to make your cheeks look fabulous. Make sure the blush tone is a bit brighter (darker) than the foundation. The bigger the difference and the contrast, the less natural your makeup becomes. Attention – no blush is also a huge mistake. Leaving your skin with foundation only will get you that porcelain doll look. It isn’t natural at all!


L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Blush

7. Get the best of your eyes. Line your eyes with black pencil. According to your eye shape, consider whether to apply it on the eyelids only or above the fullness under the eyes. The first alternative is better for prolonged eye shapes, while the other is chosen by women with wide eyes. Finally, add some light beige or pink eye shadows just for a hint of a girlish look.

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8. The mascara part. Never forget the mascara. No woman looks the same with and without mascara. The classical black mascara, of course, is ok. Though, if you are pale and very light, brown mascara is also ok. Before applying the mascara, don’t forget to curl your lashes. With this action you’ll minimize the need of big

amount of mascara. And this is the idea, right – the less makeup, the more natural look!

9. Lipstick finish. There is a myth that lipsticks aren’t appropriate for daily or natural makeup styles. These are total crabs. On the contrary, if you make up your entire face and leave the lips pale and colorless, you will get that artificial and unpleasant look. The secret is not to choose a lipstick nuance that puts the whole accent on your lips. The key to the natural makeup is balance. And the nuances must merge into one another. You can have that shining lipstick, but its color should be pale – romantic light pink, neutral beige and simple red, which is close to your lips shade.


NYX Matte Lipstick, Pale Pink

10. Look at the mirror! You are amazing, girl! And, yes, you did finally achieve that super cool natural makeup look! Congrats!
Still wondering whether you want a natural makeup look? Well, ask any guy you know what he prefers – a colorful clown or a natural girl with little makeup? I think you do know the answer quite well!

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