Bow Updo Hairstyle Tutorial for Long Hair


When you have long hair, you have so many different hairstyles that you can try out. From the top knot to braids, you really have endless possibilities. You can be a bit bold and daring with your hairstyle choices that allow you to switch up your look from time to time. Popular hair trends are constantly changing, but one of the newest hair crazes involves the Bow Updo. This hairstyle is really unique looking and can be very chic. It is the perfect look for a glam night out. Essentially this hairstyle involves creating the illusion of a bow on the top of your head using your own long hair. It is a really cool look and one that you can do on your own.

Here is a tutorial for the popular modern bow updo:

Prep Hair


If you have long hair, it is a good idea to wash and blow dry your hair before you try out this style. You want to blow dry all of your hair back, so that it can easily be put into a high ponytail and look sleek. This means that you want your hair to look smooth.

Section it Off


The trick to the bow updo is all in creating different sections using your long hair. You should start by sectioning off about ¼ of your hair that is at the front of your scalp. This should be sectioned off. Once you have this hair sectioned, the rest of the hair can be put into a high ponytail. This ponytail needs to be on the top of the head. Just be sure that the ponytail is behind the hair that you sectioned off earlier. You can then try fluffing your ponytail by backcombing the hair a bit. This will give you the volume that you need to create the bow. Be sure to section the hair in the ponytail into three sections.

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The middle section of the ponytail should be pinned away from your face. The other two remaining sections should be used to create the bow. Shape them into the sides of the bow and pin them down. The hair that you initially sectioned off separate from the ponytail can then be used to create the poof of a braid that hides the ponytail. The end result is a bow updo that looks stylish and chic. It really is an easy hairstyle to do once you give it a try.

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