Spring Wardrobe Update Lies Ahead, But Which Warm Clothes Not to Pack Away?

Warm and sunny days are so close and you must be in a huge rush as to the spring wardrobe ahead. Yes, thankfully it’s high time to chase away the fluffy sweaters and to invite miniskirts and shimmer dresses back in our fantastic fashionista’s dressing routine. And even though you’ll probably pack away most of your winter and fall clothes …

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Glamour and Brilliance in Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

The ultimate party girl has several significant occasions during the year when she must be totally outstanding and in a fantastic style. Beside the personal birthday party, as well as the exotic holiday vacation outfit, she needs to consider the New Year’s Eve look very wisely and attentively. The hot New Year’s Eve party brings the best fancy outfits ever …

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Accessorize Your New Year’s Eve Outfit with Fancy Style

Finding the most impressive and attractive dress for the New Year’s Eve party isn’t the only duty a true fashionista has. On the contrary – getting the best outfit for the holiday is just the base you need to start from. All the rest must be strictly matched and perfectly combined when it comes to similar patterns, designs and styles. …

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Don’t know what to wear on the Christmas party? Check out our suggestions!

Christmas holiday brings that fuss which forces you to make hundreds of decisions at once! Firstly, the presents, then the organization of the festive night, then the budget, till the last minute comes and you have nothing to wear! Well, this could actually ruin your entire evening – especially if you’re a true fashionista and you do care for your …

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