The Secret Of Right Way Foundation Applying

right way foundation applying

We all know that applying foundation in the right way can make us look radiant and beautiful. A foundation enhances the look effortlessly and therefore it is an important component of everyday makeup. The foundations of today are as lightweight as a moisturizer, unlike the mask like stuff that people used to wear earlier. Foundations can make your skin look …

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What to Know Before You Get Eyelash Extensions

Every woman wants to have long full eyelashes that help to enhance her appearance. Trying to make your lashes look fuller and longer with mascara alone can be a grueling task. It seems like most women are looking for countless ways to make their lashes look longer and fuller, but the solution might be easier and more affordable than you …

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No Makeup, Makeup Hacks For School

There are some great makeup tips which you can follow while going to school every day. You will look like you haven’t done any makeup and yet you would look radiant and beautiful. If you do your makeup in salons, it is not only expensive, but can also get loud, which is not suitable for a place like school. Therefore, …

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How to Highlight and Contour Your Whole Face

Makeup can transform the way that you look. You can even use application tricks that can change your appearance even more. If you want to accentuate the best features of your face and make your cheekbones stand out, highlighting and contouring can be the perfect way to achieve this flawless makeup look. Slimming your nose and sculpting your face the …

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The Secrets of Cat Eye In 5 Steps

Getting the perfect cat eye with your makeup is a lot easier than you think. All you really need is the right tools and a little practice and you will have the perfect cat eye in no time at all. The cat eye is one of those things that seems to never go out of style. Creating the perfect cat …

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Holiday Makeup With False Eyelashes

  When the holidays roll around you really want to get your sparkle on and glam up! There is no better way to put your glam-fab look on than to add some falsies (eyelashes that is). False eyelashes do a few different things for your look because they give your eyes that wide open look , add some pizzazz to …

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