7 Products You Must Have for the Summer

In this hot and exciting season, it’s very important to keep your skin protected from the sunbeams. You should wear less makeup because in this hot weather you sweat, and imagine the picture of a sweating face with foundation. It’s very important to find a proper replacement for the makeup products for your face and skin. I’m going to show you 7 products …

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Astonishing Makeup Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Makeup is highly essential and important for women today. Some ladies cannot even go out shopping without putting some refreshing powder on their faces and some proper mascara and nice eyeliner. But there are several events and occasions when makeup becomes a very important procedure that should be performed in a most precise way. Because even though makeup is not everything, it’s always …

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, and you and your beloved are going to hit this city. It’s time for champagne and oysters, opera and musicals, crazy thematic parties – it’s the night of nights when men are especially thankful to ladies for wearing festive gowns. So, in the name of Love, doll yourself up a little and make this day incredible …

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How to apply full coverage foundation

Makeup is very important for almost every girl. By using makeup we can emphasize our features and hide imperfections. It’s often wrongly considered that through makeup girls disguise themselves. This is not true. Sometimes it’s enough to put a little lipstick to feel more confident. Makeup is not a mask; makeup is a tool every women should use. Most of the girls …

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Makeup Tips for Medium Skin

Different skin complexions require different makeup styles. You should consider this general beauty rule if you want to preserve your amazing natural look with some colorful improvements or to establish a magnetic appearance for a more special occasion. In both cases though, things like best lipstick for medium skin, special advices for fair complexion and ideas for making dark skin look …

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