Perfect Office Makeup – Mission Possible!

Tired of being watched suspiciously and disapprovingly in the office? Well, don’t panic; this isn’t due to your bad behavior or incapability to cope with your professional duties! Probably, the problem is neither in your skills, nor in your character! Have you considered that maybe you just aren’t wearing the proper makeup at work? Now, you can get rid of this problem …

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Great Halloween Makeup Ideas – Must See and Try

One of the most exciting holidays across the globe – Halloween – is just round the corner! You might remember the last year exciting emotions and experience you’ve had. And you’ll probably agree that the more original your Halloween look, the more the fun. So, let’s make this year’s Halloween celebration even more remarkable and diverse. Do it with one …

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Find out the Perfect Match

This is the one thing that will look really terrible if it’s the wrong color, no matter how well you’re going to apply it. When you put foundation on your face and neck, it’s really important to choose the perfect matching color so that you don’t find yourself with ghost face or orange jaw line which can be really awful. …

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Have You Tried Tightlining?

Maybe this is something you haven’t tried so far and you’re even wondering what it is. This is a way to apply some liner right between your lashes. Using this way of putting on makeup, you’ll look as if you’re not actually wearing makeup, but at the same time you’ll have some color that will define your eyes and will make your lashes look …

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