Cool Manicure Ideas with Summer Inspiration

Cool Manicure Ideas With Summer Inspiration

Summer is so close that you shouldn’t wait for the last moment to collect some really awesome ideas for your summer-inspired appearance. Moreover, it’s essential and recommended for you to consider each little detail from your look and to adjust it to the newest trends and moods that summer will bring. We’re here to give you some awesome tips as to some of these details – your nails! So, check out our amazing pack of cool summer-inspired manicure ideas!

1. The best summer nuances for simple top or French manicure conceptions

Cool Manicure Ideas With Summer Inspiration

If you’ve always avoided having many shades on your nails and prefer to stick to the classics – either with some beautiful French manicure, or with an overall top nail polish in a single nuance, then you need to consider which the best colors are for your summer fashion look. Of course, shades like yellow, green, pink and orange are superb for this season, and as to the French manicure edge, you can go for some gold, which is quite popular these days!

2. Best summer nail decoration ornaments

Cool Manicure Ideas With Summer Inspiration

When you go to your manicurist with a single mission – to ask her to make the best drawings on your manicure ever – and it’s summer, rely on flowers and other girlish things you can think of. Of course, some more abstract ornaments in vibrant and bright shades could also be superb accents for a sunny dress or even a teen clothing conception with shorts and an awesome silk shirt in 60s style! Have in mind that hearts and shimmering ideas are also very charming for the summer season.

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3. Interesting manicure ideas for summer 2015

Cool Manicure Ideas With Summer Inspiration

Hope you’ve already seen the latest trends in summer 2015 manicure conceptions. However, if you haven’t, we’re about to disclose you the best among them. This summer is about the extraordinary combined with the most ordinary. What does this mean and how does it refer to your nails? Simply, look for more vanguard nuances, but let the manicure be as simple as possible as to the conception of the decoration and the shape of your nails. Also, try the opposite alternative – simpler

and more classical shades (red, pink and purple are the most common nuances for a manicure) and improvise with eccentric manicure shapes or even an extra artistic drawing at some of your fingers. It could be also a fantastic idea to use some summer-inspired 3D ornaments. Improvise and think what could be the best summer association on your nails or what could remind of a seaside, hot night party with friends and walks in the nature.

Remember – fashion gets inspired by nature and seasons! Your nails can be decorated with the inspiration that summer brings, too!

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