DIY Important Tips for Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair can be gorgeous and sexy, but it can also be frizzy and untamed. If you want your naturally curly hair to look flawless and chic, you need to start caring for it properly. Curly hair requires a bit more maintenance than naturally straight hair. This means that you need to put a little effort into getting gorgeous and bouncy curls that are full of volume and shine.

Here are the DIY tips that will work best for women with naturally curly hair:

Get Rid of the Brush

Naturally Curly Hair

The first thing that you need to do if you have curly hair is to put down the brush. Brushes will simply damage your curls and make them frizzy. This means that you need to get used to use your fingers as your most popular styling tool. Your fingers are your best friend when you have curly hair. Use detangling spray after you wash your hair and use your fingers to comb through your hair after it has been conditioned.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

Naturally Curly Hair

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when caring for their curly hair involves using too much product. You want your curls to be bouncy and have spring. This means that you do not want them to crunch and be stiff, because they are weighed down by product. Just add the necessary products and do not use a lot of gel on your hair. Give your curls a break. The gel that you use on your curly hair should be alcohol and silicone free.

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Boost Roots

It is important to concentrate on your roots when you are caring for curly hair. It is a good idea to try lifting and clipping hair at the roots when it is still damp. This will help to add extra volume. The top layer will allow to dry faster and you will have a curl patter from eth roots to the

ends that is much more even as a result. The is a simple DIY tip that can really help to boost your roots and change up your entire hairstyle dramatically.

Night Tip

Naturally Curly Hair

If you want effortless curls in the morning. You can wash your hair at night and then spray it with gel spray before putting it into a bun on et top of your head. When you wake in the morning , you can put down your hair and the result will be effortless curls.

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