Easy Tips to Styling Shoulder Length Hair

styling shoulder length hair pinmakeuptips

There is a big advantage in keeping a shoulder length hair – not too short but not too long either – is that you can pretty much style it any way you want without having to worry so much about maintenance. Styling shoulder length hair is pretty easy and versatile and here are some ideas that you might want to try:

Subtle Waves

styling shoulder length hair pinmakeuptips

Want to achieve Reese Witherspoon’s super soft and gorgeous waves? You totally can with your shoulder length hair. After a washing your hair, simply use a large barrel curling iron and curl those parts that frame your face away from it. Gently run a brush through it to soften the curls then blend them in with the rest of your hair. You are now good to go!

Sleek and Polished Look

styling shoulder length hair pinmakeuptips

Sleek hair looks extremely sophisticated and does not even require a lot of maintenance contrary to what one might think. Plus, all you need to do to get the awesome look is use the flatiron, starting from the mid area. Then, you can blow dry the hair and smooth it out with a flatiron again. Finish it off with an oil finishing spray to add that non-greasy shine to your beautiful straight shoulder length hair.

Don on the Heavy Bangs

Styling shoulder length hair can achieve that cool, sexy look with the help of bangs. If you have super fine hair, you might want to opt for blunt bangs to make your hair look thicker. Then, to achieve this look you can simply spritz your hair with sea-salt spray and blow dry it while tousling the hair with your hands. Bring your bangs down to cover as much of your forehead as possible then perfect that sexy look.

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Pony Tails

styling shoulder length hair pinmakeuptips

Classic pony tails are boring but you can add more flair to it when styling shoulder length hair. Simply recreate the usual pony tail and go as high as you can. Add some drama by twisting a few strands with your curling iron then brush it out to

soften the look. Now that is how you create the perfect, dreamy pony.

The Bedhead

Slept in, “I Just Got out of Bed” hair styles are sexy but super easy to achieve. When styling shoulder length hair to get this look, you might want to skip on the washing because this works best on second-day slightly dirty hair. Get huge sections of your hair and wrap it around a jumbo curling iron then add some styling cream using your hands. Loosen the curls and finish it off with a tousled look.

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