Great Halloween Makeup Ideas – Must See and Try

One of the most exciting holidays across the globe – Halloween – is just round the corner! You might remember the last year exciting emotions and experience you’ve had. And you’ll probably agree that the more original your Halloween look, the more the fun. So, let’s make this year’s Halloween celebration even more remarkable and diverse. Do it with one or several of our great Halloween makeup ideas. Check them out and see what will suit your personal preferences and plans for the upcoming autumn holiday! Get creepy and sexy at the same time!

1. Sew your month and shut up loudly!


This idea is quite original for girls who want to add some mystery to their looks. The sewing part, on the other hand, is passably easy to be drawn on your month area – few lines with a black eye pencil are totally enough. To add some more effective air in the Halloween makeup style, you can also blur one of your eyes – again in shady black nuance, which will be amazing if your eyes are green or black.

2. Freaky frightening tribal creature


To achieve this look, arm yourself with patience and lots of colorful makeup items. Start with the eyes with all your favorite bright shades and apply them on the entire eyelid and the eyebrow. Red lipstick and orange cheeks will bring some more vigorous look, which even though not that scary, is intriguing and fresh!

3. Stone face – broken – and faded!


Another quite simple, but yet, interesting and stylish idea is to cover your face with white powder. Leave one part of the face unpainted and then draw the cracks with ordinary black pencil. Put the accent on the lips and leave them half-painted as well. Finally, finish the lines to make the entire makeup idea look complete and obsessively nice!

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4. Renaissance weird queen


Find a wig in a nuance that will match your lipstick. Do not color your entire lips, but draw a heart as a symbol of the Queen of hearts. Cards are usually connected with some scary myths and legends, too, so you will succeed to stay in touch with the main Halloween theme. The main accent in this makeup idea is concentrated in the eyes. Draw ultra slim eyebrows and color the rest of the eyelids with light blue. Apply some artificial eyelashes or simply use your favorite mascara to have the same effect. Oh – and don’t forget the patch for some realism!

5. Black Swan on the move


Once Natalie Portman played the role of the scary ballerina who is obsessed by music, success and inspiration, we all began to accept the Black Swan as even more mysterious and dangerous character. As a matter of fact, this outfit might become the hit of the Halloween night due to its popularity, so try it with the typical eye makeup. For more originality, add purple shade to the ordinary black nuances and match it with the lipstick.

So, what’s your favorite Halloween makeup idea? Do not hesitate to share it with us!

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