How Important Manicure Actually Is


Perfection in female beauty requires so many tasks and activities… and on a regular basis! It might sound too exhaustive and awful, but we’ve all accepted this without even bothering. Still, at any occasion women tend to skip some of the beauty routines they usually have and they must have. Whether it’s due to laziness or lack of time (or maybe, money) such routines are abandoned and the final effect of the overall appearance is definitely not close to perfection and even to a decent female look. And to be more specific – it’s proven that women usually decide to skip nail treatment for other things like hairstyle, clothing, etc. It’s essential for you to know, though, that manicure is extremely significant. Moreover – see now how important manicure actually is for any woman.

1. Manicure means healthy nails


You might think that a visit to a manicurist gives you only an amazing manicure in great shades or awesome patterns, but actually you receive much more. Manicure means healthy nails, because apart from application of nail polish, you have your cuticles treated, your nails cut-off and shaped, as well as hydration and nourishing with special oils and balsams.

2. Perfect manicure means also hygiene


There’s no doubt that a woman with ugly and broken nails looks quite repulsive. Moreover, nails gather most of the bacteria you carry round the entire day. And if you care for your manicure, all of this ugly stuff will not appear on your hands or nails.

3. Good manicure attracts males’ attention


According to a research every 2 from 6 men say that hands are what they observe at a second date with a woman (it’s logical that men see other things during first date…). Ancient mythology also points hands as the most delicate and feminine part of a woman’s body. So, if you want to be liked by men, manicure is a must.

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4. Manicure is part of your makeup actually…


What do you combine your lipstick with usually? Of course, with nail polish… This eventually means that manicure is a kind of an addition to your makeup. Moreover – in many cases women who do not wear lots of makeup have natural manicure done, so this means that nails are indeed part of your makeup routine!

5. Going to have your manicure done is fun!


Last but not least, let’s not forget that going to a manicurist is a real girl’s ritual. Do you really want to give it up? Better don’t, because these two hours might be the only leisure time you have during the week and chatting with a lady who takes care of your appearance is a nice experience, isn’t it?

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