How to Highlight and Contour Your Whole Face

Highlight and Contour

Makeup can transform the way that you look. You can even use application tricks that can change your appearance even more. If you want to accentuate the best features of your face and make your cheekbones stand out, highlighting and contouring can be the perfect way to achieve this flawless makeup look. Slimming your nose and sculpting your face the way you want it to look is possible with highlighting and contouring. You just have to know which techniques work best. Contouring makeup tips can help you subtly change your face for the better.

Here are the contouring makeup and highlighting tips you should try:

Simple and Subtle

Highlight and Contour

The past techniques for contouring your face were all about harsh lines and angles. You would cake on layers upon layers of contouring makeup, but that is no longer the look that is in style. Today, contouring makeup is all about making your face appear slimmer and enhancing your cheekbones. You play up your best features and change the shape of your face in a believable way that looks natural Contouring should be subtle and layers upon layers of makeup should not be visible.

Choose the Best Products

The trick to contouring and highlighting is all about using the best products that are available. Using the right products is the only way to really create the look you are going for. This means that you need a matte shading crème and a highlighter. It only takes two products to highlight and contour your face. This means that you should splurge and buy high quality products that will work best. Contouring with a crème is preferred, because then you can pat the crème in to blend and allow for a much more natural finish that is free of harsh lines.

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Skin Tone Counts

Highlight and Contour

The thing that you have to be most conscious of when you are choosing products to contour with is your own skin tone. You want to choose contouring shades that are a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, but you do not want them to stand out too much. You have to find just the right shades and try to stay away from bronzers that are too orange or red. These are not shades that look natural on your skin. Contouring can be made easy if you choose just the right shades.

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