How To look Perfect at Your Birthday Party

birthday party makeup pinmakeuptips

You want to look your best at your birthday party, after all everyone is there to see you. Looking your best on your birthday party is easy when you know which steps to take to really put your best look forward.

There are a couple of common mistakes that people make when it comes to looking their best on their birthday.

1. They either overdo it
2. Or they do not put enough effort into their look.

It can be hard to find the right balance between not doing enough and doing too much. You want to make sure that your dressed for the occasion. The venue, the time of day and the type of party should all be considered when you are considering what to wear.

In most cases you can choose a dress and it will be the right choice. Your birthday party is an ideal time to really get your hair and makeup right. You see you can wear a pair of jeans and dressy top with a pair of heels and still be very much dressed up as long as your hair and makeup is perfect you will look perfect.


birthday party hairstyle pinmakeuptips
It’s a party! Let your hair show it. You can easily try a great updo and add a nice comb with a little sparkle to really dress up your hair. A French braid is also a great option. A French braid is a great way to look pulled together.

For longer hair add long loose waves. You can get the loose wave look by getting your hair damp, twisting one inch sections and pinning them up to dry. You can speed up the process by using a blow dryer.

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Once the hair is dry you can unwind the hair and have lovely waves. You can pin half of it up with a nice hair clip and

let the waves hang freely for a beautiful natural look.


birthday party makeup pinmakeuptips
Now is the time to shine with your makeup. You can add as much sparkle as you like because it is your birthday and it is your time to shine! Add a little sparkle to your eye lids with some shimmery eye shadow. You can also add a little deeper shade lipstick than you normally wear to really add some pop to your look.

Go for a well-balanced look that will dazzle everyone!

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