Ladies Over 40 Do Not Do These Makeup Errors!


Many ladies over 40 have problems with their makeup. Somehow, this specific age confuses a woman and she either forgets that her makeup routine should change a bit, or she does it in a quite wrong way. Here are the top makeup errors than any woman over 40 should never do or stop doing right away!

1. Giving up makeup


Just because you’re over 40, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your look. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do for your look. This means that you shouldn’t give up makeup. You just need to change your approach!

2. All of your facial skin products should be for dry skin


Even though you used to have oily facial skin, when you reach this age, it will get dry and you need to immediately change your makeup equipment. Apart from buying products that are specially made for women over 40, you can also look for some beauty items for dry and sensitive skin.

3. Replace powder with liquid foundation


When you were younger, you used more powders than liquid foundations to avoid the shining effect. Now, you need to do the opposite thing to reduce the orange face look!

4. Eye shadows are OK, but you need to consider the best shade for you…


Unfortunately, not any type of shade on your eyelids will be OK for you from now on. You need to avoid the heavy effect on your eyes, but go for some brighter or even lighter nuances. Everything in beige, golden, brown and chocolate will be just fine for you!

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5. Lighter lipstick, too!


And the darker lipstick colors are also not quite for you. If you are over 40, the best idea for your lips is the peach or pink shade. Also, gloss is OK for you for everyday use and when you

are at official meeting or event, red is fine, but only in case the rest of your makeup is darker and stronger.

6. It’s never too late to find your style…


Moreover, some women find their best makeup conception when they are over 40, so there’s nothing wrong to experiment at this page. Try new things, but be more cautious than you used to be at 20 or 30, when everything seemed appropriate on your radiant and young skin!

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  1. I do not agree that women over 40 should not wear red lipstick or only if the rest of the makeup is dark and heavy. Lots of glamerous women over 40 wore red lipstick especially in the 1950’s and this is coming back in style. I personally know plenty of women who would look better with red lipstick it would brighten their complextion and add some class to their look. The right color of red will never be a no no at any age .

  2. I do not agree. Many of my friends are over 40 and they still have oily skin. It is impossible to generalize. There are many people over the age of 40 with beautiful skin. Many individuals who do not show any signs of aging at all. As we get older our daily make up regimen may need to change but you need to do your homework. If my self-esteem was low I will be out on a cliff at this point

  3. I don’t agree either. I’m 46 and my skin is not dry. Sometimes I wish it were a little drier, but it’s not. I still get break outs and have lines and the skin around my eyes has gotten thinner and more crape paper like. If anything has changed it is my taste in the types of makeup I like to wear. I guess my patience has thinned a little and I do still like my bold lip color. Seems I try to match it to my attitude instead of my nail color.

    • Hello, Mel! We respect your opinion. There are many women with dry or oily skin in the world, this article gives common advices for everyone.

      Best regards,
      Pin makeup tips

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