How to Look Thinner: 7 Revolutionary Fashion Tricks

Every woman wants to have a perfect body. If you are a busy and do not have time to workout 5 times a week and eat healthily, we suggest you to read this 7 revolutionary advices how to look thinner. Ladies, the secret is in your clothes!

Dress up at one color. If you wear black or red, etc. clothes from head to toe, you will look thinner. The reason: this way you create one perfect straight line. The result: you look more thinner and taller.

Choose high waisted clothes. Women`s high waisted jeans or skirts are really good choice. They will lace your waist and you will look thinner.

Not only you are going to look thinner, but also you are going to be a fashion icon! The high waisted jeans are really fashionable.

Wide dress. When it comes to dress, pick up someone which is not tight. The tight dress will underline your body. If you want to look sexy but feel more comfortable, choose a wide dress.

The suitable underwear. Always wear the right underwear. What this is means? Choose and buy only that which is your size! If you grab one which is smaller, you will feel uncomfortable and akward.

Choose a thin belt. Well, it is cold outside, winter is coming. You are going to wear more and more clothes. When this is happens, choose and wear a thin belt. This fashion trick will underline your waist better.

Something you must buy: a pair of beige high shoes. This way your legs will look longer.

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The suitable size. Always choose clothes (blouses, trousers, dresses, skirts, etc.) which are your size. If you buy ones that are bigger or smaller, you will look and feel embarrasing.

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