Makeup Products to Avoid!

Makeup Products To Avoid

Did you know that 55% of today’s makeup products are extremely toxic and dangerous? And what do you think of all those beauty products we buy from the store, put them directly on our faces and then wonder why our skin looks so weird recently? All these makeup and beauty products are actually products you should avoid! See the list of the most dangerous among them, check if you have such a thing at home, get rid of it and never buy it anymore!

1. Aluminum eye makeup products

Makeup Products To Avoid

You do know that aluminum is not quite OK to be directly placed on your eyes. But do you know that there are so many eye shadows and other eye makeup products that contain big quantity of aluminum which makes your eyes get sick and your skin dull and dry? Always read the labels at the back of your eye makeup goods or ask the shop assistant for a more natural eye makeup product!

2. Mineral makeup products

Makeup Products To Avoid

There’s a person who made it an axiom that mineral products are the safest makeup products ever. I really want to see this person in the eyes and ask them how come they make so many women get sick. As a matter of fact, several independent and official government researches have already proven than products that contain big amounts of minerals can cause some serious medical problems. And we’re not even talking about facial problems only, but also about various healthy issues.

3. Tested on animals

Makeup Products To Avoid

If you think that the only way to test whether a beauty or makeup product is safe and cool for usage with no risk of a side effect is the test on animals, you’re wrong. Come on, girls, this is a too old-fashioned approach! We live in the 21st century and technology innovations reached a brilliant state, so there are many other mechanical or even computerized ways to test a makeup product with no risk for any animal on the planet!

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4. Makeup products with

triclosan and triclocarban

Makeup Products To Avoid

These two ingredients are extremely dangerous. They appear in many makeup and beauty cosmetic products. The effect of using such a product can be fatal and your skin can get so damaged that even the best dermatologist will not be able to help you.

5. Parabens

Makeup Products To Avoid

Parabens are everywhere – including in your cosmetic bags. Get rid of them and start using more natural beauty products. They’re no longer that expensive as they used to be, because they’re no longer innovative, but completely ordinary store goods!

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