No Makeup, Makeup Hacks For School


There are some great makeup tips which you can follow while going to school every day. You will look like you haven’t done any makeup and yet you would look radiant and beautiful. If you do your makeup in salons, it is not only expensive, but can also get loud, which is not suitable for a place like school. Therefore, you need to know the no makeup, makeup hacks for school. The tips are very simple and easy to follow.

At first, use a good quality facial wash and clean your face properly. Use a soft face towel and dry your face properly after washing your face with the facial wash. Use cotton to apply toner. This will help you to get rid of any trace of dirt left on your face. Now, use a moisturizer and apply it on your face evenly. You should allow the moisturizer to properly sink in your face.


Apply a nice BB cream after about five minutes of applying the moisturizer. Do not use foundation for school as your makeup would become louder. For a no makeup, makeup look, use a BB cream evenly onto your face. Use upward strokes when applying the BB cream. Opt for the shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. When applying it on your face, make sure that there are no streaks. Let the cream blend in your skin perfectly. Now you need to apply a concealer over your blemishes, dark circles under your eyes and other unattractive marks on your face. Blend the concealer in your skin thoroughly to conceal the marks.

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Eye shadow of natural shades such as gray and silver would look great for a no makeup, makeup look. If you are fair, then you can also use the shimmery white shade. Before putting blush on your face, dab your face gently with a compact pressed powder. Now take your eyeliner and apply it along the top of

your eyelashes and your bottom lash line. There are different kinds of eyeliner such as liquid, pencil, powder and gel. Use the one that suits you the best. A pencil is generally recommended for a no makeup, makeup look.

Curl your lashes by using mascara. Opt for clear mascara for a natural look.Finish your makeup by using a lip gloss. Choose neutral colors for a no makeup, makeup look.
These are the no makeup, makeup hacks for school. Use these methods and you will look naturally beautiful everyday at school.


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