Our Favorite Pick-Ups for Home Manicure Ideas

Our Favorite Pick-Ups For Home Manicure Ideas - PinMakeupTips.com

Going to a manicurist to fix your nails and get you the most fashionable manicure is always a great idea, but, unfortunately, sometimes, we do not have this chance. Either you don’t have time, or our manicurist is too busy to handle your nails twice per week. That’s why it is essential to have the basic skills to manage your manicure at home, too. And due to all of these, we have decided to give you some hints as to your home DIY manicure sweet projects. See our favorite pick-ups for home manicure ideas. Do not worry, all of them are quick to make and they are all as simple and easy as a child’s game!

1.Stripes, dots and curves

Our Favorite Pick-Ups For Home Manicure Ideas - PinMakeupTips.com

You don’t have to be a real artist to put these on your nails, do you? Well, practice few times with simple colorful dots or make few stripes and see the result! With time, the ideas with these simple elements will come by their own and even if they don’t, these ornamenting styles are classical enough to suit any kind of outfit and to put your manicure back in a good and proper look!

2.Get the sponge!

Our Favorite Pick-Ups For Home Manicure Ideas - PinMakeupTips.com

There are thousands of manicure ideas that can be accomplished with the help of an ordinary sponge! Take a look at few tutorials and try to imitate them on your nails, too. Choose vanguard and cool bright nuances and don’t forget to always match the shades properly. This simple idea is super artistic and the best thing about it is that it will take you only up to 1 hour to transfer it onto your own nails!

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3.Make some drawings!

Our Favorite Pick-Ups For Home Manicure Ideas - PinMakeupTips.com

Once more – you shouldn’t be Picasso to have the best DIY manicure ever. Sometimes, a woman who can draw only 2-3 things, can actually make her nails look amazing. Take a look at the following drawing ideas and choose the one that suits your skills and nail polish palette now! Attention – the first time might be a failure, but do not panic, you have a nail polish remover, so no matter how bad it looks, you can eventually remove it! Last but not least, start with flowers, because, as a matter of fact, they are

quite popular these days!

4.French manicure

Our Favorite Pick-Ups For Home Manicure Ideas - PinMakeupTips.com

French manicure is the simplest and fastest idea you can benefit of on your own hands. Of course, the white stripe at the edge of your nails is not the only idea you can try. Improvise and go for a bolder French manicure – use different shades of colors and if you have crystals or nail stickers at hand, apply them for a more vibrant manicure look!

Start with these ideas, practice them a few times and eventually you can even become better than your own manicurist!

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