Pastel Moustache Nails Tutorial

 pastel moustache nails tutorial pinmakeuptipss

If you are looking to complete your look, you can’t forget about your nails. You need to have nails that are trendy and in the most popular colors for the season. Pastel colors are what is hot right now and the most popular nail art design is actually the moustache. You might not think that tiny moustaches on your nails is trendy, but it is actually and inspiring design that is popping up all over fashion blogs If you want to be in the latest nail art trends, you need to give pastel mustaches a try. They are actually really easy to create on your own. All you have to do is follow a simple pastel moustache nails tutorial.

Here is the moustache nail tutorial that can be your guide:


pastel moustache nails tutorial pinmakeuptipss

The key to getting the perfect nail look always begins with prepping your nails. This means that you need to file your nails to give them the desired shape. It is also recommended that you push back your cuticles. It is important that you only push back your cuticles and never cut them. You can then apply a base coat to your nails that is either clear or light pink in color.

Two Dots

pastel moustache nails tutorial pinmakeuptipss

You can start making the moustache design by creating two large dots on eth center of your nail. You can make this look better by using a dotter tool. You can then create two small circles near the dots that you have already created that you can use to create the moustache handles with. These small dots are the guide that you use and allow you to be more precise.

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Connect Dots

The key to the moustache handle comes down to connecting the dots. The arched lines that you create as the moustache handle should span from the dots to the two tiny circles. This will allow you to design a moustache that has an old-time feel with the handlebar style.


pastel moustache nails tutorial pinmakeuptipss

If you really want your moustache design to pop, you can use fun pastel colors like orange, green, pink and yellow. You can mix and match to create a design that is both fun and flirty. Now you can totally be in trend with the latest nail design craze and nail shades. The moustache design is something that just about anyone can pull off. It is much easier to create than you might think.

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