Perfect Office Makeup – Mission Possible!

Tired of being watched suspiciously and disapprovingly in the office? Well, don’t panic; this isn’t due to your bad behavior or incapability to cope with your professional duties! Probably, the problem is neither in your skills, nor in your character! Have you considered that maybe you just aren’t wearing the proper makeup at work? Now, you can get rid of this problem immediately, because the perfect office makeup is a mission possible. And you are about to discover how to achieve it, too!

1. The 3 “N” – neutral, natural and nice!

Perfect Office Makeup

Keep your makeup style properly conducted to these three N. Once you learn to put them all in your final appearance, you’ll get that amazing, but light and attractive office makeup. Firstly, neutral means no bright or glossy nuances on your face – leave them for the night after work! As to the natural, avoid too bright foundations, but better purchase a product with a shade similar to your natural complexion.

Last, but not least – the nice part! When we say nice makeup, we do not mean either vanguard, or too screaming shades. What you can afford at most is the smokey eyes in grey – no black and no pinky additions!

2. The perfection of your skin!

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This must be the one feature to expose with your office smart makeup style. To achieve this, begin with proper daily washing once you wake up in the morning. Many women get up earlier to have enough time for some toning and nourishing. You can do that, too, without even using some extra expensive products. An ordinary organic mask with 100% pure honey for 10 minutes on your face and neck is enough to boost your radiance and make you look ready for the big office day. Also, avoid liquid foundation and prefer powder. No one likes flowing brown faces in a conference room!

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3. The Eyes + Lips Matching Program

Perfect Office Makeup

When you’re getting ready for the office, this program is the base of your daily makeup procedure. It’s important to know that if your lips are very bright, then you need some more neutral eye makeup. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear eye shadows or some eye liner to put your awesome eyes on display, then you should better go for some lip balm in light pink shade or have a beige lipstick that’s similar to your foundation nuance. Keep the eyes and the lips in a perfect balance. Thus, you’ll have the most attractive and in the same time the most proper working makeup ever!

4. Special Tips and Hints

Perfect Office Makeup

There are many secrets the working woman should better hide. However, we’ll share some of them to make your busy mornings happier and to save your time! First of all, consider wearing fake eyelashes, if the eye makeup is too harsh for you. Also, always wear a small cosmetic purse in your bag. Fill it with slight foundation powder and nice lipstick to refresh yourself before a meeting or after the lunch break!

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