Short Nails Can Get Awesome Manicure, Too!


If you think that manicure means extra large and sharp nails, you’re wrong. To tell you the truth, according to a latest research, males claim that long nails scare them to hell, while midi or even short nails that are well maintained are much more beautiful and exquisite on the delicate female hand. So, instead of being a today’s fashion slave, better turn to men’s opinion, which after all is everything a female looks for when she tries to impress someone with her appearance. Moreover, short nails can get you awesome manicure, too. See some great and really stylish ideas for your tiny nails now!

1. Colorfulness to die for!


There’s even no need of any special decorations or 3D applications. Sometimes, the color itself is attractive enough to shape an awesome manicure. Moreover, you can use a different color for each finger or make some awesome combinations. Pretty French manicure in bright nuances allows you to minimize the effect of the shortness of your nails. Try few alternatives and have some simple, but very cute manicure.

2. Stickers, shimmering pieces and other additional ornaments for a more vibrant manicure


This is an idea the manicurist who makes the nails of our girls in the office came upon. The reason was that she needed to somehow overcome the shortness of our manicures (we all have short nails because it’s really harsh to press the keyboard buttons with long nails all day and sometimes all night long), but still to make great manicures. Since the small drawing area limits our manicurist, she went for stamps, began sticking 3D elements and eventually we were extra cool! You can try this approach, too!

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3. Logos, brands…


Still, there are girls who really care for the drawings and the decoration on their manicure. However, they should not think that their short nails do not leave them any choice. On the contrary, try logos and

brands – like Chanel stamp or the three lines from the Adidas sign. There are many cool options you can use on your manicure. Besides, this idea will definitely cover your extra modern and contemporary fashion-oriented expectations and interests.

4. Abstract manicure styles with brilliant look!


Last but not least, you can try some more abstract manicure styles. Internet is full of brilliant decoration tips for your short nails – blurred combos of nuances, colorful dots, stripes and whatever you can think of.

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