Some Amazing Short Hair Cuts For Women

It is not only long hair that can make you look gorgeous. There are some amazing short hair cuts that can give you a cool and chic look. Moreover, a great short hair cut is also a welcome change from your long tresses. Here are some stunning short hair cuts that you must check out:

1. Asymmetric Pixie: A pixie cut looks very cool, and now, you can give an asymmetric feel to it which would add versatility to your haircut. You can wave it, curl it or wear it straight. This hair cut suits anyone with a longer face shape.

Asymmetric Pixie short hair

2. Volumized Bob: A bob haircut looks good, but a volumized bob looks extraordinary. When you give the bob some volume, it gives the illusion of a higher graduation. If you have low to medium density hair, then this haircut is perfect for you. After applying a styling product, you have to blow dry the hair. Then you have to tease the hair using a comb on the crown area.

3. Asymmetric Bob: This is another amazing short haircut. On one side, it starts out shorter and then gradually it gets longer on the other side. This haircut looks great on all kinds of face shapes and hair types.

Asymmetric Bob short hair

4. Blunt Weight: Blunt weight is another wonderful short haircut that looks cool on all women. If you have low to medium density hair, then opt for the blunt weight. Wearing the entire hair at one length makes it look like it has great density.

5. The long bob: This is a very popular and trendy short haircut that looks great on every woman. This haircut looks perfect on all kinds of face shapes and hair types.

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The long bob short hair

6. Soft Pixie: The shorter your hair is, the thicker it would look and this happens when you opt for a soft pixie. This haircut is low maintenance and super feminine. This haircut suits, especially women who have a wider face.

7. Textured Pixie: Texture makes the hair look thicker and gives it a good dimension. A textured pixie looks very stylish. This haircut looks best on women who have an oval face.

Textured Pixie short hair

8. Bias Cut: This is a very contemporary haircut. There is no definite parting. The short sides of this haircut would prevent a wide face from looking wider. The fringes cover some part of the face, making it look narrower. It is an amazing short haircut.

If you want to try a short haircut, then choose any of these 8 haircuts listed in this article.

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