Step by Step Procedure For DIY French Manicure

A classic and elegant manicure looks great on special occasions. There are various kinds of French manicures. Each of them has a distinct style. Now, you can easily do your own French manicure at your home. The process is not at all difficult and therefore, you don’t need to get scared at all. A French manicure is easy to do. You just need to follow a few simple steps to flaunt your beautiful nails.

1. Get the materials for the manicure: At first, you need to get the materials for your French manicure. The materials that you would need are as follows:

  • Nail file
  • Nail polish of a particular color for the tip. Most people prefer to use the white color.
  • Nail polish of another color for the remaining part of the nail. A pink color would look great.
  • A clear nail polish for coating
  • Nail guides
  • Nail polish remover
  • A small brush


2. Preparation: You need a lot of patience for doing a French manicure yourself. At first, you need to wash your hands. Then, with a nail polish remover, remove any trace of nail polish from your fingers. Trim your nail properly. For the perfect look, ensure that the tip of your nail and the side of your nails are straight. There should be a small curve connecting the two.


3. The tip of the nails: Applying the tip would take patience, especially if you are doing it freehand. Using the color that you have chosen for the tip, swipe gently from one side to another of your nail. Make sure that the strokes are continuous and the color covers just the tip of your nail. Repeat the same process for each nail. After that, relax so that the color dries completely. Then, dip a brush into the nail polish remover and remove any trace of paint that is languishing inside the nail.

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4. The remaining part of the nail: Now, it is time to use the color that you have chosen for the remaining part of your nail. With gentle strokes, paint the remaining part of your nail. Allow it to dry completely. Apply 2 more coats to it.

5. Top coat: After your nail polish is completely dry, use a clear nail polish to coat the entire nail. For better results, apply two top coats. Now, allow it to dry.


After following these 5 steps, you would be happy and surprised to find that you have beautiful nails. Now, I am sure you will agree that doing a French manicure yourself is so easy.

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