Super Manicure Tips for Healthy Nails


A beautiful manicure is a manicure made on healthy nails. What I mean is simple to understand and achieve – whatever awesome idea or nail polish you use, it will just not look fine on cracked and ugly nails. For this purpose, before you consider the next manicure style you’ll try, make sure your nails are in a good condition. I’ve gathered for you several super manicure tips for healthy nails. Check them out and start using them right away.

1. Have manicure-free periods


Every manicurist usually says it – manicure-free periods are a must because nail polishes and products such as the nail polish remover damage your nails. Besides, too much shaping can eventually make the nail thicker.

2. Keep nails dry and clean


There are dozens of awesome hand and nail creams you can use, but ordinary soap and tap water do great job, as well. Speaking of creams, use them anyway, because they nourish nails and make them harder and healthier.

3. When cutting nails, do it straight across


Because any other direction will make the nail shape incorrect, which eventually will make the nail easier to be broken.

4. Do not bite your nails! Never!


OK, this is something that could be forgiven to you, if you were a kid yet, but come on – you’re a grown up woman! A real lady doesn’t do such things!

5. Forget about cutting the cuticles


Do not even touch them at all! They might look ugly and inappropriate for your latest manicure, but the cuticles are actually the natural barriers for germs and dirtiness.

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6. Keep your manicure tools clean


Your nails cannot be clean and your manicure cannot look fine if you let your manicure tools remain greasy and dirty. Have in mind that some manicure actions can cause bleeding and if the tool is dirty, it can cause infection.

7. Throw the old nail polishes away


Old nail polishes make your manicure bad – but not only when it comes to appearance. The older your nail polish is, the more your nails get predisposed to breakage.

8. Do not apply acetone containing products


Usually, these products are nail polish removers. There are many natural substitutes for them, so better avoid the acetone, because it’s really harmful.

9. Do not have your nails with manicure done till they are not healthy


And last but not least, wait for a broken nail to grow or for cuticles to get relieved before you visit your manicurist.

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