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A Guide for Healthy Eating Pyramid

Several decades ago a giant emphasis was placed on the Food Guide Pyramid issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The pyramid had a two-fold purpose; one was to look at what we eat and emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet. The second was to teach what was considered at the time a balanced diet. At the time of …

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Green Tea – the Best Drink for Healthy Life

green tea

Apart from balanced meals, healthy nutrition also requires much drinks to include in your daily menu. Of course, we’re not going to encourage you to consume any totally unhealthy coke or store-bought juices, but we’ll instead focus your attention on an extremely healthy tea – the legendary green tea. Indeed, it’s a legend, not only because it prevents so many medical issues, but also because it’s been …

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College Student Diet Ideas to Try

Even though some college students believe education and knowledge to be the most important things in this stage of their lives, healthy and good body shape should never be underestimated, either. Indeed, while being so busy with studying and working, many students appear in giant risk to end up overweight. Experts are clear: anti-overweight measures must be taken once the student sees …

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