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How to Turn Your Style into Your Trademark

What do Beyonce and Lady Gaga have in common? They both “build” their image with their ambition, charm, and one really good strategy: creating a unique style. We all love to have fun and experiment with our makeup and clothes. But in our daily round, we usually look the same every day. You should think about your makeup as clothing …

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Top Makeup Tips We Know from Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is no longer that unattainable sphere that is dictated by highest names like Armani, Chanel or Hermes. Even though these – and many others, of course – are the fashion brands that direct the mainstream of newest ideas and combinations to try – there’s one more field that puts a large influence into our everyday and special clothing outfits. …

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Perfect Office Makeup – Mission Possible!

Tired of being watched suspiciously and disapprovingly in the office? Well, don’t panic; this isn’t due to your bad behavior or incapability to cope with your professional duties! Probably, the problem is neither in your skills, nor in your character! Have you considered that maybe you just aren’t wearing the proper makeup at work? Now, you can get rid of this problem …

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