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2019 Shoe Trends You Must Follow

The evolution of the shoes is enormous. So beautiful, comfortable and not so comfortable pair of shoes we can find during the ages. 2019 is amazing year, because is full of awesome trends every lady should be aware of. Let`s look into 2019 shoe trends which will melt your heart. Grab your purse and go buy shoes that will inspire …

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Puss in Boots: Women Love Shoes

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve walked past our favorite shoe store and saw a pair of shoes that we just needed to add to our wardrobe. Even with the references in pop culture from Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw, women just love shoes, which leaves us wondering, why? Sex Appeal One of the main reasons as to why women …

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Top Fashion Tips for Top Tall Chicks

Tall girls are never meant to be sad according to most women. Most people accept shortness and plumpness as faults, but they do not know how difficult it might be for a tall woman to choose her clothes, as well. However, we do understand. What we believe in is that shortness or tallness are not faults, but only specifics the concrete …

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