The Best Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

oily skin

Having oily prone skin can be a real pain. Taking the time to apply makeup can be pointless if your face is just going to run by midday. This means that you need to learn about makeup application tips that are designed specifically for women with oily skin. This will help you to get the most out of your makeup look. When you have oily skin there are a lot of ways that you can switch up your makeup routine to make sure that your makeup lasts all day long.

Here are some of the best makeup routine tips for oily skin:


Primer, oily skin

It is so important that you always prime your skin if you have oily skin. Primer is not only designed to diminish blemishes, but it can also help to make sure that all the makeup you do apply stays put. This means that you should always begin your makeup routine using a high quality primer. Make sure that you concentrate on the oiliest areas of your face when you apply primer. This typically includes your forehead, nose and chin.

Do the Prep Work on Your Eyes

Do the Prep Work on Your Eyes, oily skin

Not only do you need to prep your face with primer before you apply foundation, but you also need to make sure that you prep your eyes. If you have oily skin, it is common for your eyelids to crease. However, you can stop this from happening by making sure that you apply a little primer over your eyelids before you apply eye shadow. Try to shy away from using concealer over your eyelids, because this will only make them appear greasier. When you apply an eye primer, it is a great base for your eye shadow and will help it

to stay in place all day and all night long.

Less is More With Powder

Less is More With Powder, oily skin

Many women feel that they need to apply a lot of powder to dry out their skin, but less is actually more. You do not want to overdo it when you are applying powder. When you put too much powder on your face, it can actually have the opposite effect and result in making more oil come out of your pores. This means that you should only apply a small amount of powder to the areas of your face that are most oily. This includes your forehead, nose and chin. You can always remove a bit of powder by dampening a makeup sponge and dabbing it on the areas of your face where you over applied.

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