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Neutral nails have always been a staple for women around the world as it is a great way to keep your hands looking great without worrying about the distraction of nail polish. In fact, many women find it more professional to wear neutral nail polish to work every day as it exudes a strong feminine vibe. Below are some great ideas that you can use to help keep your neutral nails interesting, modern, and long lasting.

Choosing the Right Color

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The main purpose of neutral nails is to choose a color that doesn’t necessarily blend into your skin but that is subdued enough that it doesn’t draw attention to your hands. If you have a lighter skin color it is essential that you choose a lighter neutral such as a soft pink or even a clear coat. Whereas if you have a darker complexion, you can work with different shades of soft browns, tans, and caramels. When you’re choosing a color make sure that it doesn’t force your nails to disappear into the regular color of your skin.

Finding the Right Brands

There are certain nail polish manufacturers that you can look for in your local beauty supply store that are sure to have the perfect amount of neutral colors for you to browse through. Most of the brands will be higher end, meaning that you can pay upwards of $6 for a bottle of polish. The benefit is that they are long-lasting formulas that will accentuate the beauty of your neutral nails. Some of the most popular neutral nail polish companies include: Essie, O.P.I., and China Glaze.

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Adding an Accent Nail

Adding an Accent Nail neutral nails

If you’re the type of person who loves showing off their unique style, you don’t necessarily need to rely on all of your nails being the same color. In fact, adding an accent nail is the perfect way to showcase your individuality without having to make a large and obnoxious statement. With an accent nail you will want to choose a color that works with the neutral colors that you already have applied. You may also want to consider choosing a black design to really accentuate the color of your nails.

Choosing a Top Coat

In order to make sure that your neutral nails last for the longest amount of time, make sure that you choose a top coat that will add enough shine and protection to prevent the nail polish from chipping. Generally the high-end brands have the right top coats for you to choose from. Ensure that it is 100% dry before you begin doing activities throughout the day to make your polish last longer.

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