The Secret Of Right Way Foundation Applying

right way foundation applying

We all know that applying foundation in the right way can make us look radiant and beautiful. A foundation enhances the look effortlessly and therefore it is an important component of everyday makeup. The foundations of today are as lightweight as a moisturizer, unlike the mask like stuff that people used to wear earlier. Foundations can make your skin look flawless. However, there are some secrets of right way foundation applying. Let’s look at the secrets so that you can get the perfect look:

1. Find the perfect color: You need to test the foundation on your jaw line and see it in daylight. You would know that you have got the perfect color if it disappears without blending. You can ask the beauty adviser at a store to help you pick the right color.

right way foundation applying

2. Prepare your skin: You need to prepare your skin before applying foundation on it. Wash your face properly and apply a moisturizer. Your skin must be clean and moisturized before applying foundation. After applying the moisturizer, wait for at least 5 minutes before applying the foundation. You should give a little time for the moisturizer to sink in.

3. Swipe it the right way: For a little coverage, you can use your fingers. You should use a sponge for more coverage. For everyday use, dab the foundation in place where you need to conceal pimples and blemishes. For an airbrushed finish, blend it all over your face including the eye area.

right way foundation applying

4. Use concealer after foundation: You need to apply concealer after foundation. Look for the color that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Cover the dark areas under eye circles by using a pointy, small brush. If some of your skin flaws are not properly covered by the foundation, dabbing a little amount of concealer would do the trick.

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5. Use a luminous powder: Finish your makeup by dabbing a slight amount of luminous powder. Luminous powders are not at all like old matte version powder that used to give your face a weird look. Luminous powders are translucent powders that help in reflecting the light. Therefore, your face would emanate a wonderful glow on application of luminous powder. Start dabbing the powder at your hairline on one side, move down to your cheekbone, onto the bridge of your nose and again down to your other cheek.


These are the simple secrets of the right way of foundation applying. Follow these tips to look great.

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