The Secrets of Cat Eye In 5 Steps


Getting the perfect cat eye with your makeup is a lot easier than you think. All you really need is the right tools and a little practice and you will have the perfect cat eye in no time at all. The cat eye is one of those things that seems to never go out of style. Creating the perfect cat eye can be a bit difficult on your own. Dark eyeliner can be unforgiving if you make a mistake. There is of course an easy way to create the perfect cat eye without the frustration. Even if you have a shaky hand you can get the perfect cat eye with the tips below.

1-cat eye

There are a few things you will need to gather to be able to get the best cat eye. Here is the list: Transparent tape, Liquid eyeliner, Pencil eyeliner, Base shadow, Concealer, Mascara. It may sound strange to have transparent tape on hand to get the perfect cat eye but it is the real secret. Liquid eyeliner and a pencil in the same color to draw your cat eye is also necessary. Dark eyeliner is always best to get the full effect. Choose a base shadow that compliments your eye color. A dark mascara to finish up the look is also necessary.

Step 1


Use the concealer on your entire lid. This will keep your cat eye in place all day. Let the concealer set for a few minutes before you move on to the next step.

Step 2 


The transparent tape is going to be your guide for your cat eye, it is a stencil of sorts. Take a piece of the tape and stick it to the side of your eye where the wing will be drawn. Stick the tape firmly into place.

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Step 3


Draw a line starting at the center of your eye and using the tape as your guide on the edge of your eye. Use the liquid liner first. Let it dry. Using the tape means you will get a sharp crisp line at the outer edge of your eye (sometimes called wings).

Step 4 


Add your base shadow, whatever color that is but be mindful of the liquid liner. Once you have your base eyeshadow in place you will go over the liquid liner with the pencil liner which will be a bit more forgiving when it comes to

any mistakes. Covering the liquid liner by using a pencil line will not give you a very sharp line but it will give you the results that you are hoping for, a line that stays in place all day and all night.

Step 5


Remove your transparent tape stencil and apply mascara. To really enhance your cat eye look only use a small amount of mascara on the inner lashes and save the sweeping strokes of mascara for the outer lashes.


You know have the information you need to get the perfect professional looking cat eye that everyone loves.

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