The Worst Makeup Combinations for Your Face

The Worst Makeup Combinations for your face pinmakeuptips

Choosing the right makeup is one step to looking your best, but knowing how to apply it properly is the next step. There are hundreds of different items that you can take advantage of in order to look perfect for every occasion. Learning about the worst makeup combinations for your face will help to make sure that you look healthy and well put together.

Too Much Makeup

The Worst Makeup Combinations for your face pinmakeuptips

The first thing that you should be sure to avoid is putting too much makeup on in the first place. Many people assume that the more they cake on, the better they look, when in reality it’s quite the opposite. There are certain makeup items that are designed for different purposes so you don’t have to worry about wearing too much makeup. For example, if you are breaking out you don’t have to add another layer of foundation. Instead, you can simply use concealer on the problem areas.

Evening the Foundation

The Worst Makeup Combinations for your face pinmakeuptips

Foundation is essential to even your entire skin tone so it should be applied all over your face instead of on certain areas. If you’re noticing that you’ve been having trouble with the skin on your cheeks, you will still have to apply foundation to all other areas of your face. Otherwise the entire look will appear to be unfinished and it can drastically change the look that you’re going for.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Complexion

There is a reason that all of the high end makeup stores have makeup artists on the floor readily available to help you find the items that you’re interested in. Choosing the right colors for your complexion is essential, otherwise you could make your face too dark or too light in comparison to the rest of your body. This not only applies to

your foundation and powder, but to your eye shadow as well. It is important to choose colors that compliment your eyes and the shape of your face.

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Making a Balance

The Worst Makeup Combinations for your face pinmakeuptips

Doing your makeup should always be a careful balance between the top and bottom halves of your face. Your eyes and your lips should work together instead of against each other. For example, choosing subtle shades for both is much better than having dramatic eyes paired with a dramatic lip. You could always choose a more subtle lip color if you’re going for dramatic eyes. Otherwise your makeup could be too intense for everyday wear.

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