Top Fashion Ideas We Have Known from Fashion Bloggers


Fashion bloggers are the gurus that everyone turns to in order to get inspiration for new pieces that they want to add to their closets. We’ve been scouring the internet and gathering the most popular fashion ideas from our favorite bloggers that can be applied to women of every age. Whether it’s learning how to show off your skin or taking advantage of layering during the colder months, we have an arsenal of top fashion ideas for you to browse through.

1. Strategic Skin Showing

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As a woman who is comfortable in her own skin there will be times when you want to show off some of your body, but it’s important to know how to do it strategically to give the right impression. If you’re wearing a low cut shirt that shows a lot of your cleavage, the rest of your body should be covered. Whereas if you’re wearing a skirt, remember to cover your torso. This gives your body the right amount of balance and says “Fashionable but not too risqué”.

2. Bright Accessories

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This is one of the most important fashion tips to take note of, especially in the colder months when your color palette will become darker. Bright accessories are a great way to add a pop of life into your outfit. Whether it’s a bright waist belt or a shoulder bag, it adds dimension to an otherwise bland outfit.

3. Layering

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This is one of the main reasons as to why fashion bloggers love the fall and winter, layering is a phenomenal way to take advantage of your favorite pieces of clothing all at once. You can throw on a long undershirt with a beautiful sweater or you can pair your favorite t-shirt with a flannel, it helps to add dimension to your clothes and keep you looking up to date and fresh.

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4. Simple is Key

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The more simple you’re able to be with the colors that you choose and your patterns, the more of an impact you’ll make which is a rule that many fashion bloggers agree with. When a person tries to put too much into an outfit it can look like a thrown together mess, but when you take a pair of jeans, a comfortable sweater, and a few accessories and put them together, you look like a real fashionista. Don’t try to overthink it, if you think you have too much on then you probably do.

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