Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, and you and your beloved are going to hit this city. It’s time for champagne and oysters, opera and musicals, crazy thematic parties – it’s the night of nights when men are especially thankful to ladies for wearing festive gowns. So, in the name of Love, doll yourself up a little and make this day incredible for him and for yourself.

1. Glamorous makeup

Finally on that St Valentine’s party you can put that artistic makeup you haven’t had since your prom night and be his lady.

Wear dark eye shadow – it immediately turns your daily makeup to glamorous evening makeup. By all means apply black eye-pencil to underline your eyes. With that catlike appearance you’re going to be on the love catwalk tonight. The look should be completed by using black Vamp mascara. After that – you blush the cheeks with a doll pink brush. Pick a bright pink or red nuance for your glossy lipstick. Bring down your last defense, show your innocence. Wear a retro hat with a veil and be his princess tonight.

Valentine’s day Makeup Tutorial

2. Light Natural Makeup

Show to the world what an incredible, adorable, wonderful, powerful, perfectly beautiful woman you are. Bridget Jones’ makeup is a fashion statement as well. When he sees you in this makeup he’ll realize you’re the one and only. Your lips wouldn’t mind some lipstick which he would lick from his lips and make funny faces, telling you that his friends will envy him for having you…

Makeup Tutorials for Valentine’s day

3. Cabaret Makeup

This is how a girl should look if she means to jump out of the cake for her beloved on St Valentine’s Day or on his stag party. Out of the frame and impeccable, with ribbons and bows adorning her bright blond hair and her beautiful black eyelashes with an accent of pink. You girl will be as pink as the Universe, as exciting as an overture, as blessed as his Valentine. You want to try this fantastic surprising look. Definitely.

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Valentine’s day Makeup Tutorial

4. Glitter Makeup

Yes, you are going to smear your brocade all over his bonny face, and you’ll finally get in this little dress in silver sequins. It’s got to be pink glitter for the love holiday, and it combines just so perfectly with green and glossy, lavish lips. A woman’s beauty is in her eyes, so be generous in underlining them. Shiny eye makeup is a favorite of Hollywood and top makeup artists and you can put any color

under it. Flutter your eyelashes as a sign of excitement and reveal the inhuman beauty of your glitter makeup.

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5. Dramatic Makeup

Eyes are again the center of attention and heavily adorned. With such a mighty statement, the makeup artist will usually balance the face by making the lips feel softer. That could be done in the exactly opposite manner – by making the mouth the main focus and complementing with soft eyes. Or if you are imaginative, you might find balance in equally adorning the eyes and the lips as in the case of this picture.

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