What Are the 10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes?

With this article you can learn how to get the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted and what you shouldn’t do to your hair


Shiny, long, gorgeous hair – name a person who does not wish to have such hair! But if you want your hair to look beautiful, you really need to pay closer attention to the way you treat it. You can really affect your locks with the way you wash, dry or style your hair. Here’s a list of the ten biggest mistakes you can do to your hair, so be careful to avoid them.

1. You Don’t Brush It before Washing

Perhaps you think it’s not so important – why should you brush your hair before washing, when you will do it after that. Well, hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, and it tends to tangle much more then. So, if you want to avoid this, the best thing is to give it a brush before washing. If you prefer, you can comb it under the shower, but then you need to apply conditioner and use your fingers to untangle strands, and when you are done with this, you can start combing and rinsing.

2. Brushing Only the Ends

You’ve heard different things about hair care and perhaps one of them is that brushing your hair too much can cause damage on it. Actually the natural oils produced by your scalp are the best conditioner you can get for your hair. You can stimulate your hair growth and the blood circulation of your scalp by using a wooden-bristle brush, and brushing your hair starting from the roots to the ends so that you add natural luster.

3. Being a Clean Freak

Don’t be so “clean” – your hair doesn’t need to be washed every day. This will only lead to losing the healthy oils of your scalp and will leave your hair lifeless and without luster. You can have your daily shower of course, but try not to wash your hair, or at least do not use tons of products for washing, just simple water or some light conditioner.

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4. Conditioning

What we know, because we’ve heard so, is that conditioner should be applied only on the ends of the hair. However, the roots should also be treated, especially if the hair is susceptible to breakage. On the other hand, it’s really bad to use a lot of conditioner. So, the best thing is to use the proper amount which will be enough for untangling the snags, and once a week you can do a deep treatment with some good hair repair masque. The important thing when using conditioner is not how you use it, but to rinse it carefully so that your hair gets really clean. To prevent from building-up residue, it’s best to use clarifying shampoo from time to time.

5. Drying Your Hair Intensively with the Towel

If you use styling products, you know the instructions say they’re to be used on towel-dried hair. However, intensive towel drying can only lead to damaging and weakening your hair. The best thing is to wrap it with the towel, shake the ends of the hair, and do the strands with your fingers only. Your hair will need more time to dry but in the long run it will be healthier.

6. Using Dryer and Other Heating Products without Protection

We’re all aware of the fact that one of the most damaging things for the hair is heat. So, if you need to use the dryer or do some curls for your special hair-style for the night, the best thing is to always use some heat-protective aid. Before you use hair-dryer, you can also leave your hair as it is or wrap it in a towel. In this way it’ll be almost dry and you’ll blow it for just a couple of minutes so that your roots get dry too. On the other hand, you can set the dryer to blow warm, not hot air to avoid additional damage.

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7. You Usually Use Hot Irons on Damp Hair

As you’ve already read above in this article, hair is really so sensitive when it’s wet, so hot tools and wet hair just do not go along together. If you usually do like this, it will only lead to weak and stressed hair. So, before using any hot irons or similar products, you should dry your hair and that’s it. Even if you’re in a hurry, do not skip drying your hair or you’ll regret it later.

8. Using Hairspray before Styling

Have you ever heard this specific noise of burning hair when hairspray is applied on it and after that a hot iron is used for styling? Do not make the mistake of doing this, because hairspray contains alcohol and alcohol burns when it contacts heat. So, you should always apply hairspray AFTER you’re finished with ironing and curling.

9. Teasing with Abandon

There’s no doubt that having

volume in your hair is sexy and looks beautiful. However, the well-known trick for achieving volume by back-combing your hair towards the roots is something that’ll only lead to damaged hair. The best thing is to use special and proven products to get the volume you want and let your hair dry by itself.

10. Thinking You Can Mend Split Ends

Well, ladies, to tell you the truth, there is no cure once you get split ends, there is no product that can fix this so the best thing you can do is prevent the situation in the first place. If you want to avoid split ends, you can keep up with the ideas you’ve read in the article above. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, then you can try using a product that contains beeswax or argan oil; it will help you smoothing the splits.

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