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women bags

Women Bags are as important as our footwear. There are bags that are suitable for all ages. We cannot leave our house without a bag in which we can carry all the necessary things. A fashionable bag can easily enhance your style quotient. Bags are of several uses. There are various kinds of bags in the market. People often get confused when they go out for bag shopping. If you want to select the right bag, then you should know the uses of every kind of bag. Let us look at the various kinds of bag and their uses:

Clutch bag:

women bags

A clutch bag is a small bag that is mostly rectangular in shape. It doesn’t have a handle. People can hold it in their hand comfortably. A clutch bag can hold necessary stuffs like your cell phone, credit card, driver’s license, etc. Women generally carry a clutch bag when they don’t need to carry a lot of things.

 Baguette bag:

women bags

A baguette bag is available in both large and small sizes. It has a handle and is generally rectangular in shape. You can carry a large baguette bag in your workplace as it has a spacious interior. A small baguette bag is perfect for a night out.


women bags

A backpack is a large bag that is usually carried on the back. It is also known as a rucksack. The double handles of the bag help the person to carry it on his back. You can carry a backpack if you are travelling somewhere.


women bags

A tote is a huge bag with double handles. As the bag has a spacious interior, you can carry anything in it. If you are going out for shopping, then you can carry a tote bag.

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 Cross body bag:

women bags

These bags are available in various shapes and sizes, although they are generally small. The handle of these bags are long and thus, you can wear it stylishly across your chest. You can carry a cross body bag when you are hanging out with your friends. This bag looks really cool.

Hobo bag:

women bags

This is a large, shoulder bag. It is mostly crescent shaped and is made of a flexible, soft material. You can carry a hobo bag for a day trip or a beach party. You can carry a lot of things in it.

These are the most common types of bag that are carried by women. Each kind of bag is distinct from the other. All of them have some uses. The next time you go out for bag shopping, buy the bag that serves your purpose.

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