Zumba – Fitness Energy and Passion


Zumba is a form of artistic fitness, combining dance elements from various world cultures. It is best performed by people on a sandy beach or on a forest meadow. The program often starts with hands clapping – the dancers celebrate the music and the sunshine. While they clap their hands, they move their entire bodies to the rhythm of the zumba dance. Then they start stretching their arms in the air, jumping and doing some basic choreography – they dance together and they look happy, which is why zumba classes are so much fun. They make a lot of waves with their bodies, really it looks very advanced. They rotate hips and kick in the air. There is music especially created for zumba, and it is dynamic and merry, latin, tropical pop. People dance and indulge in zumba and that drives them crazy with agitation. All of them are in a flutter to express them physically.


They wear bright colors and clothes comfortable for yoga and stretching. They look powerful and merry, as if the beach belongs to them. They do smile and touch their bellies. They wave their hair in the summer breeze, they work their shoulders, they zumba so joyfully and they leave their steps in the white sand.


Dancing zumba connects people. It’s like dancing together on a stage. Going in circles, to the right, cross-steps to the left, the important thing is to keep the rhythm. Left, right, than backstretch, and all the girls who dance look so beautiful as if they are greeting the Sun. They go with the music, they feel the groove, they break free, they jump and they enjoy it. The zumba tradition allows the creation of full body workouts, which are good for your entire body and bring it to play. Slow and faster, waving their hips, front and back, doing aerobic moves which stretch the chest, they feel their heart working, they breathe, they enjoy themselves and they are going to shimmy till their garters break.


Of all the world cultures zumba most reminds of the Hawaiian hula dancing. Yes – there is a special form of zumba based mostly on the national Hawaiian dance. Imagine the ladies slowly going to the side, shaking their hips, waving in the motions of hula –the Hawaiian fitness.


One of the best things about zumba is that it really burns a lot of calories. It is so enjoyable that you do not feel like you are exercising. You have full control of your pace. It’s a great way to keep fit with your friends, if you do not like working out by yourself. The catchy music and the energetic instructor provide you with a limitless source of inspiration. This art of a workout will not only improve your physical shape – it is also very good for your mental condition. Because of the party atmosphere, your mood is naturally boosted, and that makes you feel happier. Zumba gets you keep going and going through your daily routine.


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